About Us

Hairstories was started by two haircare specialists who wanted to share their knowledge of how to manage and style hair. We started by giving advice to family and friends until more and more people were asking us for help about what to do with their hair.

It wasn’t just for women either: so many men were lacking a basic understanding of hair care so setting up a simple blog was one way to offer advice to people looking to deal with premature graying or find an affordable treatment for hair loss or get a second opinion on a new cut or hair color. Most people just need a little reassurance when they’re not sure about their hair, and that’s where the idea of this website first came in.

At Hairstories, we are all about hair. We love to tease and play with it, sculpt and shape it. Mess it up and start all over again. We’ve learned a lot from our mistakes so we can help you repair and recover from whatever issue you’re going through with your hair.

We’d love to hear about your hair stories so leave us a comment and share with us your latest discoveries and experiences.


Charitable Service

We want thank our friends and customers for their ongoing support and trust in us. Through all the trials we’ve had to face, we’re reminded to stay humble and be grateful. One of the best ways we’ve found to remind us of how much help we’ve received is through the support of local charities.

These were a few recent events we were happy to be part of:

Luncheon and T-shirt Giveaway, June 2017
PLS Home for Orphans
Kuala Lumpur, MY

T-shirt and Goodie Bag Giveaway, July 2017
IMC Center for Special Needs
Subang Jaya, MY

A special thank you to Kumpulan Siang Poh of Rawang, MY for donating all the T shirts!