Iontec Hair Straightening Styling Brush


Iontec Brush detangles and straightens hair in minutes.
Ideal for unruly, kinky hair which resists styling

Salon Quality Hair without Excessive Heat
* Advanced ceramic surface heats to a safe temperature of 185 C (365 F)
* Provides even heat distribution and reduces risk of heat damaged hair

Reduces Frizziness & Static
Iontec Brush releases healthy negative ions for your hair
to fight static, smoothen frizzy hair and restore moisture.

Safe for Your Hair
Insulated bristles protect your hair and scalp
from heat, hair pulling and breakage —
so you can straighten your hair from the roots

Easy to Use
* Simply brush your hair using the specially designed heated brush.
* No clips or separating your hair into sections required.
* Lightweight, easy to handle and maneuver.

Additional Details
* Automatically shuts off after 60 minutes of non-use
* 360 degree swiveling cord prevents tangling as you maneuver the brush


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Iontec for superior hair styling and healthy looking hair

If you want straight, silky hair, here is the answer you’ve been waiting for.
Easy to use. Safe. Straightens hair in minutes.

Perfect for:
* Professionals and career women
* Moms and busy housewives
* Students and young women on the go

If your hair suffers from mid-day blahs and falls flat,
pick up Iontec Brush for a quick lift and noticeable shine.
It’s light and small enough to carry with you.
Or keep an extra Iontec Brush at work!

If you are a mom with a little girl at home,
create a special look for yourself and your daughter to enjoy.
Iontec Brush will make both of you look and feel like royalty!

Iontec Brush is a revolutionary hair straightening brush that works in minutes!

3D Ceramic Anti-Scalding Surface and Anti-Static Detangling Bristles
Anti-damage bristles glide through hair more smoothly to prevent snagging and protect your hair strands.
Simply brush your hair. Iontec Brush does the rest to straighten & smoothen hair in minutes.
No clips. No fuss.

It’s fast and easy.
Just brush and go.
It’s hair care for your fast pace lifestyle.


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